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Bright Brass Strip or Sheet


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  • Brass Strapping glossy available in thicknesses of: 0.1 – 0.8 millimeters.
  • In the description of the product you will find the equivalence of kg to meters of all measures.
  • It is sold by the kilo. One unit of product equals one kilogram.

Attention:  Products that are sold to measure cannot be returned.

Annealed Brass Strapping

Brass is a highly demanded material used in the decoration and furniture sector due to its shiny and golden finish, as well as its resistance to wear.

It stands out for its resistance to oxidation, saline conditions or for being unalterable when exposed to extreme temperatures.

In the following table you can find an equivalence of the number of meters included in a kilogram of brass coil.

Clarification:  calculations are done with pesos theoretical  so there may be small variations.

Note: Sold by the kilo.

Attention:  Products that are sold to measure cannot be returned.

Brass Strap Measurements

Description meters in a kg
Annealed Brass Strap 400×0.1 mm 2.95m/kg
Annealed Brass Strap 390×0.2 mm 1.50m/kg
Annealed Brass Strap 400×0.3 mm 0.98m/kg
Annealed Brass Strap 395×0.4 mm 0.75m/kg
Annealed Brass Strap 400×0.5 mm 0.60m/kg
Annealed Brass Strap 347×0.6 mm 0.57m/kg
Annealed Brass Strap 400×0.8 mm 0.38m/kg

All measurements are expressed in millimeters.

Weight N/A
Brass coil size thickness*width

0.1mm x 400mm, 0.2mm x 390mm, 0.3mm x 400mm, 0.4mm x395mm, 0.5mm x 400mm, 0.6mm x 347mm, 0.8mm x 358mm, 0.8mm x 400mm


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Bright Brass Strip or Sheet
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