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Annealed copper wire. Available in different diameters


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  • Bright finish copper wire or wire.
  • Designed for the crafts of jewelry, crafts and electrical wiring.
  • Available in various thicknesses, in the description you will find the equivalence of kilograms to meters of all thicknesses. 

CLARIFICATION: The sale of the product is made from one kilogram.

Shipping in 48 to 72 working hours.

The thread annealed copper It is used to make electrical cables and decorative elements.

It is characterized for being one of the best conductors of electricity, thanks to its high conductivity, ductility and malleability, it has become the most widely used material to manufacture electrical cables and other electrical and electronic components.

CLARIFICATION : The sale of the product will be made from one kilo. If the purchase is greater than one kilogram, the Thread will be prepared continuously until the requested kilograms are reached. If you want each kilogram to be in different rolls, it must be specified in the order notes.

To know the meters that are in a kilo of copper, consult the following table with the different thicknesses:

Product  Meters in a kg (m/kg)
Annealed Copper Wire 0.5 mm 500m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 0.8 mm 222m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 1 mm 143m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 1.2 mm 98m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 1.5 mm 63m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 2 mm 35m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 2.5 mm 22m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 3 mm 15m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 4 mm 8m/kg
Annealed Copper Wire 5 mm 5.6m/kg

The weights made are theoretical, so there may be small variations in the number of meters in one kilogram of thread. 

Weight N/A
Copper Wire Measurement

0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm


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Annealed copper wire. Available in different diameters
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